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Valley Technologies believes in customer service! Our experience in web design & development since 1997, has helped us mold our goal to build lifetime business friendships, and foster a team approach to best accomplish your web site needs.

"There’s no question that Valley TechNologies is committed to quality and service. For this reason, after 19 years, they continue to be our choice for web design and web hosting."
~ Barbara Weiher Carmel Builders

Mobile Matters

Today mobile devices account for about 80% of Internet searches in the United States. Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily, and want to have "mobile intelligent" features, like one click dialing for example.

Responsive design built for all platforms, mobile, tablet, notebook & desktop is the alternative of choice in building web sites today and is the most cost effective solution.

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Experience Matters

Valley Technologies, LLC, has been solving website business needs throughout Wisconsin since  1997.

What started as a need for a large corporation to implement an Intranet web site for  help desk solutions pushed Ray into the web site development arena.

At the same time, husband & wife, Ray & Bette VonGunten, also active musicians, found that for their pop/rock band to grow, a web site was a great way to sell the band. With Bette's background in sales and marketing and Ray's experience in technology, it made for a good fit.

Today with a small team of experienced graphic designers and web developers, Valley TechNologies has built and maintained websites for small, medium, and even a handful of international companies.

Our experience has taught us the value of genuine relationships with our customers. We are there to help - and that's exactly what we do!

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What’s New

  • Reflections of the Season
    As is our custom, here at Valley TechNologies, we take a time to reflect on the many blessings we have enjoyed over this past year. It’s been a bit tough for many in 2017. We have seen a considerable amount of divisiveness.   There are those who have left social media altogether due to harsh and condemning communication – much that has permeated the internet. There are many who have suffered unimaginable loss – death, destruction, disasters, dreams, or ill health. In the midst of this, we would like to share our hope that through all life’s challenges, we might truly embrace the beauty of life, that which is so often reflected in people’s hearts at Christmas and live it in our own little corners of the world.    In the words of Pope Francis: ” We need to build up society in the spirit of the beatitudes, walking toward the kingdom together.”  If so inclined, read on to a more Continue Reading... Read more
  • Latest Scam: Incoming Mail on Hold
    Did you get a notice from GoDaddy that some of your e-mail is on hold? I did…and it is a FAKE!  DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE LINKS!... Read more