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Because in 2016, 80% of all searches are on smart phones!

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Valley Technologies believes in customer service! Our experience in web design & development since 1997, has helped us mold our goal to build lifetime business friendships, and foster a team approach to best accomplish your web site needs.

"There’s no question that Valley TechNologies is committed to quality and service. For this reason, after 16 years, they continue to be our choice for web design and web hosting."
~ Barbara Weiher Carmel Builders

Mobile Matters

Today mobile devices account for about 80% of Internet searches in the United States. Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily, and want to have "mobile intelligent" features, like one click dialing for example.

Responsive design built for all platforms, mobile, tablet, notebook & desktop is the alternative of choice in building web sites today and is the most cost effective solution.

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Valley Technologies, LLC, has been solving website business needs throughout Wisconsin since  1997.

What started as a need for a large corporation to implement an Intranet web site for  help desk solutions pushed Ray into the web site development arena.

At the same time, husband & wife, Ray & Bette VonGunten, also active musicians, found that for their pop/rock band to grow, a web site was a great way to sell the band. With Bette's background in sales and marketing and Ray's experience in technology, it made for a good fit.

Today with a small team of experienced graphic designers and web developers, Valley TechNologies has built and maintained websites for small, medium, and even a handful of international companies.

Our experience has taught us the value of genuine relationships with our customers. We are there to help - and that's exactly what we do!

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What’s New

  • Downtime is important for Business Owners
    It’s easy to get sidetracked when you own a business! Most small business owners wear so many hats that they feel as though they simply cannot take time away, or the business may not perform well. The irony in that line of thinking is that, without taking time to decompress, unwind and truly relax, our productivity is actually lessened. And the summer season almost makes it worse, because as the day grows longer, there is a tendency to stay at the office, or at one’s desk. Winter darkness is a reminder to shut down, so with longer days, it can become all the more of a temptation to just keep working. How often have we said to ourselves “I don’t have time to exercise”, or “I can’t take this time off because I’m in the middle of a project”… sound familiar? One method of making sure we actually take time for personal downtime is to add it to your weekly Continue Reading... Read more
  • 2017 – the year of the secure Internet!
    If you have an E-Commerce site where customers are entering secure information like credit card info, you are likely already using a site secured by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. But if you don’t have one – even if your site takes no information from the viewer – Google will now list your site as “Not Secure”. Click here to read more about SSL and why you will need it.... Read more