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A Little Bit About Us

What Is Valley Technologies?

Valley Technologies believes in customer service! As a family business, we believe it’s important to understand our customers.  Our experience in web design & development since 1997 has helped us foster a philosophy that good business is built through lifetime business friendships.  We value respect, honesty, integrity, service and encourage having fun while doing business!

With all of this in mind, we take time to get to know you and take a genuine team approach. We’ll ask questions, share ideas, brainstorm with you.  After all, we can’t build the site without your input!

We will take time to learn about your business goals; we’ll advise you on good marketing web strategies; we’ll work within a budget that works for you, and gradually enhance the site, based on time, needs and your budget considerations.

Our ultimate goal is that your web site works as an essential tool to help build your business or organization, truly reflecting your image and assisting your customers.

To make the most of this powerful media, a web site should be a living, active entity, just like your business; make use of social networking, make frequent updates, offering news and information that continues to bring old customers back, encouraging new customers or visitors to learn more. Web sites are integral part of any marketing plan!

Our job is to help you make it happen.

Keeping It Local

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Hartford Chamber of Commerce - Hartford, Wisconsin
Washington City Builders Association - Washington, WI

Hey There!

I’m Marcus. A Wisconsin native with 10+ years of experience!

I started working with Valley-Technologies in 2010 as a freelance web developer. Since then, I’ve gone from simply creating the website designs and building them in HTML, to being the Project Manager, Web Developer, and business co-owner.

In 2020, Valley Technologies started the process of merging with Zealous Sites, LLC.  Zealous Sites was my baby created simply because Bette (shown below) told me I needed to make a DBA so I could get paid back in 2010. (haha). I had the pleasure of growing Zealous Sites to the point where I went full-time doing web development in 2012.

During my time running Zealous Sites, I had the pleasure of building websites for companies all over the world. I built school websites for schools in the greater UK area, financial advisor websites for companies out of Dubai, and even other web firm websites for companies out of Virginia Beach and around the United States. I even built the Newark, NJ Police department website in 2021.

Today, if you hire us for a website build or any online marketing, you’ll absolutely speak with me over the phone or through a video conference! 🙂 I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife and 3 beautiful children.


Meet The Founders!

Valley TechNologies has a  mission to build  great relationships with our customers, so getting to know you is important to us.

You may want to know a little about the company founders too.

 In 1997 Ray was employed as consultant for a high end technological company. He worked at Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Wisconsin (Now United Health Care) in Level 3 Help Desk Service. Ray had been involved in engineering for over 25 years and gradually moved into IT services as technology evolved. While working at UHC, it was clear that many of the issues end users experienced took up more time than necessary for the help-desk staff.  Most of the questions could be resolved more easily and quickly though an interactive Intranet by submitting help-desk tickets, regenerating passwords, in FAQ searches and so on. Ray was solely responsible for developing and implementing this project.

Bette had worked in sales and marketing for several years;  Ad Specialty sales, Long Term Care Equipment, and Insurance and Financial products.

At the same time, Bette & Ray, both lifetime musicians and entertainers, actively performed in a large pop/rock group called Front Page News,  primarily for large corporate functions and weddings, but also major festivals, like Milwaukee’s Summerfest (the largest music festival in the world).

Web sites were just getting started and the internet was exploding as a means of promotion and communication. It made sense to be one of the first bands to have a web site for promotion and they found it to be successful.  As a result, with Ray and Bette’s background, they decided to explore the web site business, and as they say, the rest is history!

At this point they are both still active in the business, active musicians (primarily Scotch and Soda), active in theater (kmplayhouse.com), and active in life; enjoying the outdoors, family, friends, grand-parenting and embracing all that is great in life.

They enjoy their work and avocations immensely, but the best part is people. It’s really all about relationships; within one’s family and within one’s business.  Life is truly a blessing!

Today, Bette is enjoying full retirement! Ray is trying to do the same, but just loves the work too much to stop. 

Ready To Talk?

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