Is Your Password Secure?

The average adult has 27 different on-line accounts, and for the sake of ease, many use the same password for all of them , or are still using the “worlds favorite passwords”…

  • 1234Typography
  • 12345678
  • password
  • spouse’s name
  • birthdate
  • child’s name
  • pet’s name


… all of which can be broken INSTANTLY by a program designed to do so.  This can be a real problm if you use the same password for those 27 on-line accounts.  The good news is that there is a way to check to see how good your password is…

At this website – – I put in a password for one of my accounts (which I thought was a really good one), only to find out that it could be broken Security3in 42 seconds.

Another that used a combination of uppercase, lower case, and numbers turned out much better at 4 days.  But by simply adding a “#”or “!” to the end, increased the break point to 6 years!

Moral of the story:  JUST DO IT!!!

And then there are some worthwhile secure (and FREE) tools to help you remember your passwords.  Check them out here, and change them regularly!

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