Is your website safe?


OPortrait of male hacker wearing black mask and stealing user identityur guess is that since US Homeland Security and Defense Departments have even had their websites compromised, yours may be vulnerable too.  So you might ask:

* Why do sites get hacked?
* Is my site safe?
* What can they get from me?

Hackers, mostly from overseas, have multiple reasons for attacking your site – launch a virus, identity / credit card theft, test cyber vulnerability, or just a prank because they can.  And lately, they have been finding more ways than ever to wreak havoc on your site.

Most options have some type of cost involved.  Valley Technologies offers a variety of protection products (whether you host with us or not), one of the most reasonably priced options being a product called SiteLock.  The “badge” can be seen on this page in the lower right corner, assuring viewers that the site is scanned on a daily basis for malicious code and in most cases, automatically removed, and we are notified if it happens.

Valley TechNologies has implemented additional security measures so you can feel safe and secure that all is well with your website.

For more information, give us call – 262.673.1979, or e-mail us at

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