Lac Lawrann Conservancy

  • Lac Lawrann Conservancy
Lac Lawrann Conservancy
We don't cultivate 145 acres of nature, but we did cultivate their digital landscape!

We had the privilege of launching the digital home for Lac Lawrann Conservancy, a sprawling 145-acre nature preserve that seamlessly blends with the Royal Oaks park, adding another 25 acres to its expanse. This sanctuary, with its wetlands, forests, prairies, and glacial landscapes, is a haven for over 300 plant species and a diverse range of fauna.

Beyond its role as a refuge, the Conservancy is an educational hub, welcoming over 5,000 visitors annually, including school children, nature enthusiasts, and families. Our goal was to mirror the Conservancy’s essence of exploration, discovery, and tranquility in its digital presence. As you navigate through the website, it’s like taking a gentle stroll through the Conservancy itself – full of wonder, knowledge, and the beauty of nature.

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