Content Management

Ok, first question. What is content management? A content management system (CMS) is a program used to manage the content of a Web site.  Basically, that means you can easily edit your own web site, if you choose to.

Valley TechNologies uses WordPress for CMS in approximately 95% of our projects. Additionally, WordPress is meant for the non-technical editor and is used by over 40% of CMS websites, leading the market by a wide margin. However, we also install and maintain Joomla! and Drupal, should that be the platform of choice.  We strongly encourage WordPress, and here’s why:

  • Ease of Use – extremely easy to learn how to edit. Most people need help setting up the theme to have the look and feel they need and want, but the day to day updates, (specials, news and new products, blogs, helpful info for customers, etc), are incredibly easy to do.
  • Free to Use – it is not necessary to purchase this program and there are actually thousands of free themes to build upon, although sometimes purchasing a theme is a better option.  Even with the purchase, it’s extremely cost effective.
  • Versatile – because WordPress was developed as “Open Source”, developers are constantly creating new plugins which perform virtually every kind of fuction that you may wish to use. Some may require a purchase, but again, most are extremely reasonable. At this point, the WordPress directory offers over 30,000 free plugins to install into a WordPress site
  • Growing – WordPress continues to out perform the growth of any other CMS program. For you, this means it will continue to expand and improve with more development and upgrades available over time.
  • Easy to Optimize – again.. those nifty little plugins! They are incredibly helpful so you can optimize individual pages and make it easier to be found.
  • Blogging – blogging really helps our customers keep content fresh. Adding an article of interest relevant to a business, organization, band or whatever keeps the site alive and active, so very critical today. Old content gets boring! And the site won’t rank as well.  It’s so easy to blog with WordPress, anyone can do it!
  • Mobile Ready – today,  over 50% of searches are done on mobile devices. Many WordPress themes make it far easier to create a responsive website so your site is easily and conveniently viewed on any platform.
  • And Finally, Regular Updates – to keep the program secure. You may do this on your own, or perhaps have Valley TechNologies handle that for you. Either way, with the amount of hacking going on, it adds additional security to your website as the upgrades and updates are constantly addressing security. More about this? Read on…