Web Updates

Keeping your web site up to date  with fresh content can be tough, particularly for small business owners who have to wear so many hats; but it’s so important!  If your web site gets out of date, it reflects on your business.

Are you too busy to keep up with the web site?

Updating your Web Site - Hartford, WI

We can help.

There’s a great many of our customers who simply cannot find the time. We’ll establish a sensible plan to add the content and information that’s important for your business.

It may be seasonal updating, photo galleries, general information, sales & specials, or any blog entries.  It doesn’t matter what you need, we’ll take care of it for you and work on a quarterly or bi-annual program that keeps information current. You determine what you feel is important to add on a regular basis and we will send you a reminder that it’s time to update. You provide the necessary information or photos, and there we have it!

Remember, keeping content fresh with new information, new offers, new ways to help your visitor will help your web site and consequently your business stay on  the top, showing that you are always growing right along with technology!  It impacts how search engines find and rank you too!