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You have a vision.
We have a solution.

We offer everything you need to get your idea online, customers in your doors, and sales in your ledger.

Website Hosting

Domain Registration

Website Development

Email Marketing

Website Starters

You’ve got a product to sell or an idea to share. We have a place a for you to do that.

Every website requires both a domain and appropriate web hosting. Let us help you get those taken care of! 

Domain Registration
Starting at $31/year

Before you build a website or create an email address, you’ll want a domain. Domains are things like “” or “” We will register domains on your behalf and take care of your DNS settings for any service we provide!

Website Hosting
Starting at $169/year

Web hosting is where your website “lives.” This is the server that the files your website runs off of. We offer brochure website hosting at $169/year, as well as eCommerce hosting starting at $559/year. eCommerce hosting is our premier hosting, most suited for customers selling products online. 


Sell Your Products Online

You have products to sell, we can build you a place to do that! Start living your dream job by selling your products online using an eCommerce website built by Valley Technologies!

Niche Website

Speak To Your Niche!

Are you passionate about underwater basket weaving? Maybe you just really love mittens made for cats. Tell the world about it with a niche website! Maybe even turn it into a business of your own, paid for with ad revenue!

“Brochure” Websites

Just Getting Started?

Most businesses don’t start with a 100-page website that sells 50 different products with a blog archive of thousands of posts. Most businesses start off with a simple, 5-to-10-page website that lets people know what they need to know to get in touch. 

Online Marketing

You have a website already, but nobody cares? More like nobody knows.

Just building it and hoping they will come is a pretty poor strategy for most websites – especially eCommerce ones. Let us help you with some ongoing digital marketing. 

eCommerce Marketing
Starting at $500/month

If your ecommerce website is generating some revenue, but you’re not retaining abandoned carts or sending monthly emails promoting your specials, then you are missing out on huge low-hanging fruit. 

In our experience, the additional revenue that these strategies produce pays for our customers’ entire marketing and hosting costs!

Monthly Newsletters
Starting at $500/month

Does your brick-and-mortar have monthly or weekly specials? Start collecting email addresses and telling your customers about them! This level of marketing would have us build your marketing emails, post to Social, and post updates to your website each month. 

Ready To Talk?

We’re ready to listen! Reach out below and let’s get the ball moving for your next big online solution!